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Calendar 23 July 2014
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Klezmer Concerts at Isaac Synagogue

The concerts are an artistic attempt to preserve the heritage of Kazimierz, an area that once flourished with the Jewish culture and tradition. They offer a unique possibility of meeting the Jewish culture and tradition at its very source!

Bambino Cinema

Special film screenings for parents with kids.

Folk Show at Jama Michalika

Meeting with Polish folklore, traditional and culture: see beautiful folk dances and costumes, listen to traditional Polish songs. During the show you can also try typical Polish dishes.

Kraków Folk Music Show at Tradycyja Restaurant

An opportunity to become familiar with polish traditions and its cuisine. Experience and enjoy the show of all Polish national dances such performed by professional group LajkFolk dressed in traditional Polish colorful costumes.

Chopin Concerts at the Bonerowski Palace

Concerts dedicated to the oeuvre of Fryderyk Chopin – iconic Polish composer, the genius of the piano.

Photo by Artur Żyrkowski
Concerts at St Adalbert's Church

Programme of the concerts is composed of best known classical pieces as well as the most popular film melodies.

19th Summer Jazz Festival at Piwnica Pod Baranami

Cracovian premiere of a project awarded a Grammy in 2014, a prestigious concert dedicated to the violin, star-studded Jazz Night… And that’s just some of the attractions of the 19th Summer Jazz Festival at Piwnica Pod Baranami.

Chopin Concerts at Wierzynek Restaurant

Chopin's etudes, nocturnes, mazurkas and polonaises, as well as works by Liszt, Mendelssohn or Schumann, performed by young, talented, Kraków pianists at the Renaissance Hall of the legendary Wierzynek Restaurant.

Organ Music Concerts at St Peter and Paul's Church

Organ concert of the most popular works of the greatest composers: J.S. Bach, F.G. Haendel, Ch.M. Widor performed at a beautiful, Baroque Church of St Peter and Paul.

Chopin Concerts in Polonia House

The piano recitals in Polonia House take place regularly throughout the year in Polonia House in Kraków.

Recitals of classical music at St Giles' Church

The little church of St Giles, situated at the foot of Wawel Hill, becomes in the summertime the scenery of classical chamber music concerts.
Baranki in Diapers

A cycle of screenings for parents accompanied by small children.

Ad radices musicae 2014

The tradition returns. Octava Ensemble presents a cycle of every-month meetings with sacral early music, that return to its roots, to its very source.

Concerts at the Church of Sts Peter and Paul – Classical and Film Music

Orchestra of the City of Krakow presents the most beautiful works of world-famous masters, from Baroque to contemporary music: Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Morricone, Williams.

Klezmer Music Concerts at the Rubinstein Residence

Di Galitzyaner Klezmorim present themselves in the house connected to famous Helena Rubinstein, who spent here her childhood.

Concerts of classical music at the Bernardine Church – Chamber Orchestra of St Maurice

Chamber Orchestra of St Maurice and soloists present classical music concert in the Baroque scenery of the Bernardine Church.

Literacka ławeczka, fot. arch. KBF
City Codes

UNESCO’s decision in 1995 to hail 23 April as World Book and Copyright Day stresses the universal values of books and reading. Kraków feels the same – in fact, in late October 2013, the city was awarded the prestigious title of UNESCO City of Literature. Seize the day!

Cinema on the Roof

Film screening accompanying the exhibition Masters of Dreams. Symbolism in the Bohemian Lands 1880–1914.

Concerts at St. Peter and Paul’s Church – Cracow Chamber Orchestra of St Maurice

The concerts of classical music are held at St. Peter and Paul’s Church.

Sola Akingbola, fot. arch. organizatora
10th International Percussion Festival Sources and Inspirations

For two summer weeks, the Academy of Music in Kraków hosts masters of drumming. Between 14 and 25 July, the International Percussion Festival “Sources and Inspirations” is held for the tenth time.

We recommend

The Shining (UK/USA, 1980), the daughters of former caretaker Grady (Lisa and Louise Burns) ? Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Summer with Kubrick

26 July 2014 marks the 86th anniversary of the birth of the legendary film director. This summer, Kraków hosts many attractions for his fans.

6th Conrad Festival – Shared Worlds

Paul Auster, an eminent American writer; Siri Hustvedt, an excellent prose and essay writer; Jacques Rancière, an acknowledged French philosopher; and Olga Tokarczuk, a recipient of Nike Award are the first confirmed names of the guests of this year’s Conrad Festival.

Plakat koncertu, fot. arch. organizatora
Michael Bublé will perform at Kraków Arena

Krakow Festival Office, the operator of cultural events at the Kraków Arena hall, along with Nu Coast, Dolphin Touring and Go Ahead Agency, invite you to a Kraków performance of Michael Bublé! On November 4, in the newly opened, hi-tech concert hall, the artist will give his only concert in Poland, which will be a part of his promotional tour for the album To Be Loved.

Unsound 2014

The theme for Unsound 2014 (12-19 October) is The Dream.

19th Summer Jazz Festival at Piwnica Pod Baranami

Cracovian premiere of a project awarded a Grammy in 2014, a prestigious concert dedicated to the violin, star-studded Jazz Night… And that’s just some of the attractions of the 19th Summer Jazz Festival at Piwnica Pod Baranami.

7th Film Music Festival

Seven is a lucky number for the Film Music Festival. With great satisfaction, we wish to announce the main program for this year’s edition of FMF, which will take place between 25-28 September 2014.

15th Courtly Dance Festival Cracovia Danza

Music and dance are natural partners – they complement one another perfectly! But it’s also more than that. The 15th Courtly Dance Festival “Cracovia Danza” recalls the days when masters of dance also played instruments, and musicians were enthusiastic dancers themselves.

Sacrum Profanum 2014

Squarepusher, Autechre, Battles, Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson – amazing line-up at this year's Sacrum Profanum festival!

Opera Rara 2014

Handel, Gluck, Rameau and Hasse. Admeto, Paride ed Elena, Les Boréades and Piramo e Tisbe. Il Complesso Barocco, Capella Cracoviensis, Les Musiciens du Louvre-Grenoble and Europa Galante. Four masters of Baroque composition, four masterpieces and four excellent performances.

Bryan Adams at Kraków Arena

Krakow Festival Office – the operator of cultural events at the Krakow Arena – along with Nova Music, Dolphin Touring and Go Ahead Agency are pleased to announce that Bryan Adams will come to Poland on his concert tour on the 30th anniversary of his Reckless album and will perform at the Krakow Arena on 16th December!

Beauty and the Beast on Ice at the ICE Kraków

Romance, tragedy, drama and magic as Beauty Belle falls in love with the Beast and breaks the spell on the cursed Prince...

Andrea Bocelli at Cracovia Stadium

One of the finest tenors of all times Andrea Bocelli performs at the Cracovia Stadium on 30 August.

Showcase Beat le Mot, ALLES. photo by Robin Junicke
39th Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences

Revolution will be performed!


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