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Centenary of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, 1911-2011. A Recollection

Nowy Sącz Artists Yesterday and Today
The Old Synagogue Gallery in Nowy Sącz is holding a review of works created by artists with links to the city and region. The exhibition Centenary of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, 1911-2011. A Recollection, and the concurrent Salon 2011, will present the museum’s own works with artworks from private collections.

The anniversary exhibition features works of deceased artists with links to the Nowy Sącz region (through birth or residence) and who participated in the Association. The majority were painters Halina Bielczyk, Antoni Broszkiewicz, Edmund Cieczkiewicz, Zofia Dagnan-Herowska, Czesław Elster, Ewa Harsdorf, Zbigniew Kowalewski, Kazimierz “Casimiro” Kwiatkowski, Jadwiga Marschalkó-Kosalowa, Stanisław Kuskowski, Czesław Lenczowski, Mohamed “Néjad” Melih Devrim Bej, Elżbieta Ratayska, Romuald Reguła, Wojciech Sarnecki, and Stanisław Szafran. There’s also no shortage of sculptors whose works are on display in Nowy Sącz and beyond: Tadeusz Augustyn, Zygmunt Bieniek, Mieczysław Bogaczyk, Zbigniew Borowski, Alfred Kotkowski, and Jan Olszak. Worthy of particular attention are Maria Ritter, initiator of the formation of the artistic “Group of Four” operating in Nowy Sącz, and the works of Władysław Hasior – although he regarded himself as a sculptor, he also created spatial compositions, banners, assemblages and happenings alongside sculpted forms and monuments.

The Gallery will also display the annual Salon, presenting the works of contemporary Nowy Sącz artists.

Opening 18 November 2011, 5pm; to 12 February 2012

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