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Katy Carr at Auditorium Maximum UJ

28 Februry 2016 (Sunday), 7pm

Ambassador of Polish History
Her Polish mum and half Scottish, half English dad met in Włocławek during the construction of the oil refinery in the city. Katy Carr admits she’s crazy about the history of the Second World War. She rose to critics’ attention in 2011 when she was nominated for the London Music Award in the same category as Kate Bush – coincidentally the two artists are frequently compared in the UK.
Katy Carr performs on 28 February at the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University during the 2nd Festival “To the Free and Independent”. We’re guaranteed to hear Kommander’s Car dedicated to Kazimierz Piechowski who escaped from Auschwitz in a feat of courage and gallantry, and Wojtek, telling the story of the Syrian brown bear who served as corporal in the Polish II Corps. (Artur Jackowski, "Karnet" magazine)

Entry is free. Passes can be picked up from 24 February at the Kraków Philharmonic tickets offices.

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