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Cheder Cafe, ul. Józefa 36

Ori Alboher at Cheder Cafe

19 February 2016, 8pm

Growing up in Jerusalem and being a part of the local music scene, Ori Alboher aka ORI was always considered a well kept secret. His live concerts were rare and only promoted word of mouth, but lead to sold out venues and a constantly growing fan base.
In august 2012, ORI released two albums - one with his band FOLO called ‘The secret message’ alongside his solo debut ‘Unwind’.
Shortly after that, Alboher decided to move to Berlin, Germany to start over and reinvent his artistic personality. Influenced by the city’s large amount of possibilities and scenes, but also by the anonymity, he came back to the very core of himself.
ORI’s music tends to be full of contrasts. Creating a genre somewhere between Electronica, R’n’B, Pop and Ambient, he blends organic soundscapes with electronic influences, combining his pure and disarming voice with modified human vocals, loops and beats. ORI builds up melodic, rhythmic and repetitive structures that pull you into his music, creating moods that oscillate between intimacy and distant depths. Like driving slowly in the lowest gear, calming down to feel the moment.

Tickets: PLN 20, available before the concert

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