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19 December 2015, 9pm
16, 17 January 2016, 7pm

I gave myself an injection recently. The fluid seeped into my body; it was purple in colour, with hints of fluorescent yellow. It spread gradually throughout the body, gaining control of the shoulder, the hip, the head; it reshaped me. The substance animated the individual segments of the body. At the same time, the imagination produced images and sounds that influenced all activity. Observation. Attraction. Action. All my desires seemed to crystallise.

“DALI.” is an event combining theatre and performance art, based on physical activity and interaction with the audience. The project was created as part of the Experimental Stage of the Barakah Theatre. The creators’ main inspiration was Salvador Dali and his achievements, as well as his private life, namely, the relationship with his wife, Gala Dali. There is an analogy between the creation of Dali’s image and the profession of actor. Extensive self-awareness. The pressure of uncommonness. The series of scenes is brought together by the motto: “The only difference between Dali and me is that I am not him.”

idea, performed by: Agata Woźnicka, Bartosz Ostrowski
screenplay: Patrycja Kowańska


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